Westcoast is your one-stop shop to find the best solutions for your customers – including state-of-the-art offerings from HPE and Dell. And for customers looking to upgrade their server solutions, look no further than AMD EPYC™ processors.

Built from the ground up to be the most powerful, capable processors, these powerhouse devices deliver best-in-class performance, advanced security and exceptional efficiency – all at a much lower cost than your customers might expect.

This is why Westcoast is more than happy to supply AMD EPYC™ processors as central to its HPE ProLiant servers, Dell PowerEdge servers and both HPE and Dell HCI solutions. And, if you’re looking for help with training, education and information, explore our resources below.


Best-in-class performance

AMD EPYC™ functions at the high-end   of business. The server processors deliver 33% more memory bandwidth and 160% more memory capacity than rivals. AMD EPYC™ CPUs are powering the most powerful Computational Fluid Dynamics and weather model simulation in the cloud.


Advanced security

AMD EPYC™ processors have inherent security and encryption capabilities. You get foundational security at both the hardware and firmware levels. 


Exceptional efficiency

With proven usage in high-performance local computing, software-defined infrastructure, server centres, and cloud computing, there's little the AMD EPYC™ CPU can't manage.


For further reading, explore our resources below.

Amd Epyc Resource 1

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Selecting a Fit-for-Purpose Server Platform for Datacenter Infrastructure

Take a look at this eBook for a deep dive into choosing the best server platform for datacenter infrastructure. 

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Helping video compression and delivery go green

Find out how Ateme achieved lower power consumption and cutting-edge performance for its advanced video streaming services by using Dell PowerEdge servers powered by AMD EPYC™ processors.

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Axis Studios – A case study

Read how Axis Studios bolstered its render farm with Dell EMC PowerEdge servers powered by AMD EPYC™ CPUs. 

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5 reasons why AMD EPYC™ CPUs matter for HCI

See the 5 top reasons why AMD EPYC™ CPUs is the top choice for making the most of HCI.

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AMD: The root of customer security

Explore how AMD’s dedicated Secure Processors are keeping businesses secure and efficient. Get your customers up to speed with Westcoast and AMD EPYC™

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AMD Processors: The future of business

Discover how AMD’s high-performance processors offer power and performance while working with budgets to support you and your customers.

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