Here you will find resources and training tools to support you with selling devices to your customers. Whether you need support in finding the latest solutions or promotions, or a quick link to top selling devices, we have everything to support you.

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HP Hub

Explore the latest HP devices, services and featured products on the HP Hub. Get everything you need to keep up to speed and sell HP.

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Lenovo Central

Visit Lenovo Central for sales and training support, vertical-specific device picks and unbeatable prices.

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Surface Resource Hub

From financing to rewards, Westcoast Surface Services help you find the right Surface devices for your customers at the best price.

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Take device sales to the next level with expert support and customisable services from Westcoast. Westcoast Device Solutions takes care of the full device lifecycle on your customer’s behalf, from pre-configured setup through to device deployment and management, and beyond. We also support sustainability in the channel through our vendor partners and offer recycled packaging, greener courier options and services like Lenovo 360 to support green initiatives.

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Whatever the challenge or need, Westcoast can help you, and your customers, get more from their devices.

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Make sure you’re making the most of your Westcoast account – take a look at our training videos to discover how to access everything from details on your back orders and order history to shipment information and daily reports.

View Back Orders

How to view your back orders

View Order History

How to view your order history

Recent Shipments

How to look at your recent shipments

View, Print, and Pay Invoices

How to access everything you need for invoices


How to request daily and personalised reports

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